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Menos gratis

En HHSMithy somos bastante generosos. Cada día, actualizamos nuestra pagina con una gran cantidad de historiales de manos gratis.


FiveCardPotLimitOmaha 5/10 6Max Regular10/3/2023descarga


PotLimitOmaha 0.15/0.30 HU Regular9/22/2023descarga
PotLimitOmaha 0.50/1 6Max Regular11/25/2023descarga
PotLimitOmaha 5/10 6Max Regular12/4/2023descarga
NoLimitHoldem 5/10 HU Regular12/24/2023descarga

PokerStarsMI / PokerStarsNJ

PotLimitOmaha 0.15/0.30 6Max Regular9/1/2023descarga
NoLimitHoldem 0.25/0.50 6Max Regular9/4/2023descarga
NoLimitHoldem 1/2 HU Regular9/5/2023descarga
PotLimitOmaha 5/10 HU Regular9/10/2023descarga
NoLimitHoldem 1/2 6Max Regular9/22/2023descarga
PotLimitOmahaHiLo 0.01/0.02 HU Regular9/24/2023descarga
NoLimitHoldem 2.50/5 HU Regular9/29/2023descarga
PotLimitOmahaHiLo 0.05/0.10 HU Regular10/13/2023descarga
NoLimitHoldem 5/10 HU Regular10/17/2023descarga
PotLimitOmaha 5/10 6Max Regular11/9/2023descarga
NoLimitHoldem 5/10 6Max Regular11/23/2023descarga
NoLimitHoldem 1/2 HU Regular11/25/2023descarga


NoLimitHoldem 0.25/0.50 HU Regular9/2/2023descarga
NoLimitHoldem 0.02/0.05 Full Regular9/30/2023descarga
NoLimitHoldem 5/10 6Max Regular10/4/2023descarga
NoLimitHoldem 0.02/0.05 HU Regular10/23/2023descarga
PotLimitOmaha 2.50/5 6Max Regular10/24/2023descarga
PotLimitOmaha 1/2 6Max Regular11/9/2023descarga
NoLimitHoldem 0.25/0.50 Full Regular11/16/2023descarga
PotLimitOmaha 0.02/0.05 6Max Regular11/20/2023descarga
PotLimitOmaha 0.02/0.05 HU Regular11/23/2023descarga
PotLimitOmaha 0.02/0.05 HU Regular11/27/2023descarga
PotLimitOmaha 0.12/0.25 HU Regular12/8/2023descarga
NoLimitHoldem 0.15/0.30 HU Regular12/10/2023descarga
NoLimitHoldem 0.10/0.20 Full Regular12/12/2023descarga
PotLimitOmaha 1/2 HU Regular12/14/2023descarga
NoLimitHoldem 0.15/0.30 6Max Regular12/18/2023descarga
PotLimitOmaha 0.50/1 6Max Regular12/20/2023descarga
NoLimitHoldem 0.05/0.10 HU Regular12/24/2023descarga
NoLimitHoldem 0.01/0.02 6Max Regular12/28/2023descarga
NoLimitHoldem 5/10 6Max Regular1/2/2024descarga
NoLimitHoldem 0.25/0.50 6Max Regular1/3/2024descarga
NoLimitHoldem 1/2 6Max Regular2/1/2024descarga
NoLimitHoldem 10/20 HU PushFold2/1/2024descarga